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D'San Perfect Cue

Perfect Cue
  • A light and sound signaling system that enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist using a wireless hand-held actuator or to remotely control presentation software via dual programmable USB ports. Best use for Audio Visual Company presentation long range slide advancer.

  • 4-pin IN-OUT XLR jacks allow cue light to be interposed between belt-pack and headset.

  • Two-way intercom communications pass through unchanged except cue light sounds are added to reception. Volume controllable

  • Activate / isolate multiple cue lights on a single line.

  • Match cue light and actuator communications on 16 selectable channels.

  • Connect hand-held actuator for hard-wire backup.

  • Connect multiple cue lights via Cat 5 or XLR cable. Only one unit requires power.

  • Remotely control presentation software via programmable keyboard commands delivered through two USB ports. Maintain mouse functionality

  • Remotely activate custom devices

  • Play selectable cue sounds through speaker or headphone jack.

  • Combine audio monitor input with cue sounds.

  • Actuator contains built-in laser pointer.

  • Includes AS-4 remote, usb cables, power supply and carry case The Actuators

  • Pocket Size: 1.8" x 3.3" x 0.62"

  • Weight 3.7 oz.

  • Antenna extends 1.25".

  • Power: 2 "coin" batteries (CR1632)

  • Laser <1 watt; Wavelength 650 nm

Speaker Timer Rental

D'San Limitimer Speaker Timer

  • The DSan Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light alerting speakers to the end of allotted time.

  • Limitimer...Keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. Maintains pace of programs.

  • Builds confidence that no one's time is unfairly curtailed.

  • Spares moderators the need to interrupt and helps speakers end smoothly.

  • Easy-to-use: Set Total Time. Set Sum-Up Time. Start.

  • Digital clock displays Time Remaining; Green-Yellow-Red lights cue phase: Talk, Sum-Up, Stop.

  • Pre-set up to 4 timing programs.

  • Run a session timer in background to other programs.

  • Select from 3-different beep sounds (or no sound).

  • Connect two or more timers to a single signal light for multi-point start/stop control..

  • Connect two or more signal lights to a single timer for multi-speaker prompting.

  • Select count-up or count-down modes.

ASL4ND3 Large Timer Display

D'San ASL4ND3 Speaker Timer Large Display

  • The DSan ASL4ND3 Audience Signal Light is the perfect companion to the Limitimer. It features high quality 7-segment 4" high LED digits .

  • Displays time remaining, or when Limitimer console is turned off, the current time of day (with battery backup). Stage stand and wallmounting clips..

  • The DSan audience signal lights may be powered directly from Limitimer or plugged into AC outlet when more than 200' away.

  • They may be set to receive any or all Limitimer programs.

  • All feature multiple in-out RJ45 or XLR jacks for a variety of interconnections.

MacBook Pro with DT Videolabs Playback Pro

Playback Pro Laptop Computer
DT Videolabs Playback Pro
  • PlaybackPro is designed to make professional media playback on a Mac quick and simple.

  • Utilizing the best in Apple video technology, PlaybackPro has been optimized to play virtually any modern Mac file type.

  • The intuitive interface allows the user to rapidly add media, organize and play clips, apply custom settings and save runlists for instant recall, all without altering the original files.

  • Automatic output resolution and aspect ratio functions are built-in, with real-time manual adjustments available for sizing, stretching, cropping, as well as gain, saturation, black levels and volume.

  • Nonlinear media playback

  • Play virtually any modern Mac file type

  • Clip ordering and play-listing, printable to paper and PDF

  • Resolution agnostic – SD, HD, 4K and beyond. Ideal for use in ultra-widescreen applications.

  • Frame rate agnostic

  • Automatic output resolution and aspect ratio settings

  • Infinite image adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping

  • Complete adjustment controls for individual clip gain levels, black levels, saturation, gamma and volume

  • Looping for individual clips or entire playlist

  • In-point and out-point markers

  • Fade In and Fade Out audio and video

  • Time-elapsed and Time-remaining counters

  • The new 12 key PlaybackPro USB controller gives you instant access to PlaybackPro functions.

  • Play/Pause and Save buttons have now been added for even greater control.

  • For use with PlaybackPro 2.x and PlaybackPro Plus 3.x software.

Web Presenter Rental

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD

  • Live Stream SDI Video Source to Internet

  • Input 12G/6G/3G-SDI Video up to UHD 4K

  • SDI/HDMI Monitor Output up to 1080p60

  • Supports H.264/RTMP Streaming Protocol

  • Use USB Type-C as Webcam or 5G/4G Tether

  • SDI Loop Output, 10/100/1000 Ethernet

  • Redundant AC and DC Power Inputs

  • Mac, Win, Linux & Chromebook Compatible

  • Works with ATEM Streaming Bridge Option

  • The Web Presenter HD is a compact desktop device that allows you to connect any SDI video input and stream it live onto the Internet using Ethernet or tethering via USB to your smartphone using a 5G or 4G connection.

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