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High End Hog4 Family of Consoles

  • The Hog 4 is the flagship in our newest range of consoles.

  • Replacing the much loved Wholehog III, it embraces the latest technology, while retaining the Hog’s familiar control surface. Users will be able to walk up to the Hog 4 and start programming without having to learn a whole new interface.

  • The new encoders, jog shuttle wheel, lcd keys, motorized faders and integrated keyboard all serve to enhance this experience, making the Hog 4 completely customizable. You can now have virtually all the most important attributes to hand at any time.

  • The Road Hog 4, with a market leading 22” multi touch display, all in a compact package, now with networking and Art-Net outputs.

  • The Road Hog 4 is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Allowing full expansion in a compact package not only does this Hog pack an enormous punch but it is also the most affordable Hog console in a generation! 

  • The programming interface remains familiar with the minutest of changes to allow for the compact chassis allowing the user to transition across the whole range without sacrificing work flow.

  • The Hedgehog 4, offering Hog customers and the market in general the ultimate flexibility with the feature set they need High End Systems presents a new array of HedgeHog 4’s. There will now be 1 chassis allowing for 4 levels of features. HedgeHog 4, HedgeHog 4 N, HedgeHog 4 S and HedgeHog 4 X.

Jands Vista S1 Lighting Console

Jands Vista Console
  • The Vista S1 is a small and portable control surface that's ideal if you have to travel a lot to deliver your shows, or if your venue doesn't need lots of playbacks or has limited space.

  • Designed to be used with a laptop, the S1 is a powerful and flexible live console that's compact enough to qualify as carry-on luggage.

  • But don't be fooled by its size: the S1 gives you five playbacks, including faders and flash buttons, a complete programming section with three encoder wheels, a rotary master fader, two LCD displays and lots more to make controlling your show a breeze.

  • What's more, the S1 has all the inputs and outputs you need to connect to your rig and run the show:

  • Two DMX outputs to connect your lights and dimmers.

  • Timecode input so you can sync your show up to other devices. Midi input that accepts Midi Show Control and Midi Timecode.

  • Two USB connectors for memory sticks and other peripherals. Kensington Lock attachment point to keep your console safe in public environments.

  • 5 Playbacks with faders and flash buttons.

  • Playbacks feature; Blue / White LCD, Select and Go buttons

  • Split mode allows control of up to 15 Cuelists

  • Playbacks can be configured for control of Groups, Presets and more

  • Page Up / Down buttons

Jands Vista M1 Lighting Console

Jands Vista M1 Console
  • The Vista M1 is an ultra-compact and extremely cost-effective playback-only Vista control surface.

  • The M1 is ideal for situations where you can do your programming in advance on your PC, but you still want hardware to control the playback of your show.

  • Designed to be used with a laptop, the M1 gives you all the playback benefits of a Vista show in a compact and portable package that's perfect for trade show booths, hotels, clubs or any venue where space is tight.

  • With five playbacks including faders and flash buttons, plus a rotary master fader, the M1 is a complete and portable Vista playback module.

  • Blue, Green, Yellow, Red modifier buttons

  • Grand Master (rotary) fader and DBO button

  • 5 Playbacks with faders and flash buttons

  • Playbacks feature; Select and Go buttons

  • Split mode allows control of up to 15 Cuelists

  • Playbacks can be configured for control of Groups, Presets and more

  • Page Up / Down buttons

  • Upgrades available

  • 2 DMX outputs (* Actual DMX output channels determined by dongle. Software pack, including dongle, must be purchased separately.)

Jands Stage CL Lighting Console

jands stage cl
  • Stage CL gives you all the manual controls and automation you need to get the most out of your LEDs.

  • Featuring high-quality 60mm faders, push-button encoders, responsive tactile buttons and multi-color LED indicators, Stage CL has everything your basic lighting system needs all packaged in a smooth and compact chassis.

  • Adjust to the color you want with built-in Saturation and Hue encoders on each of the twelve channels.

  • Traditional faders and flash button set the intensity of the light. For beginners, a selection of color presets is also available for getting easy looks quickly.

  • Group any number of channels together and use just one set of pots to set the color for all of them.

  • The onboard touch screen allows you to save multiple cues and organize them however you like, as well as back them up to a memory stick or portable drive through the USB ports on the back panel.

  • With the Stage CL you can control up to 512 DMX channels, connecting either through the DMX-512 output or the Ethernet output (Art-net)

  • Inputs and Outputs:

  • One DMX output 

  • One Ethernet / Network port (compatible with sACN & Art-Net) 

  • Two USB 2.0 connectors 

  • 12V Power Input

Elation Operator 192 Lighting Console

Elation 192
  • Control up to 192 DMX channels with the Elation DMX Operator 192.

  • The DMX Operator is programmable up to 240 scenes and features 12 individual fixture channels, so you can control up to 12 separate intelligent lights with up to 16 DMX channels per fixture.

  • Fixtures with less than 16 DMX channels may be combined on 1 DMX scanner button.

  • You can also record up to 6 programmable chases with fade time and speeds. 8 individual faders provide easy programmability for Intelligent Lighting or Dimmer Packs. MIDI controllable.

  • Great for using on stage wash as your control faders

  • Easy to use and reliable

  • Fixtures with less than 16 DMX channels may be combined on a single fixture channel

  • 240 programmable scenes

  • 6 programmable chases with fade times, variable speeds, and up to 99 steps

  • 8 individual faders provide easy programmability for intelligent lighting or dimmer packs

  • MIDI controllable

  • DMX-512 3-pin XLR signal

  • Built-in microphone for music sync functions

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